T-shirts are not just a fashion essential – they are a medium for expression and an ageless insignia of the young and the young at heart. What evolved from undergarments has today become a ubiquitous piece of clothing across the globe with nordvpn. It’s easy to wear, comfortable, stylish, finds space at almost every occasion and hence everybody has one.

Our Entrepreneurial Journey

We at Neuron Lifestyle are into manufacturing of Men’s ,Women’s & Kids t-shirts along with all kind of corporate, event and school uniforms.
We found ourselves nord vpn brainstorming about launching our own brand, centered on our love for design and fashion. We’ve found that the best way of learning is by doing ourselves. Over a period of time, we continued to build by working round the clock and on weekends, refining designs, learning the process, making mistakes, building a team of craftsmen, organizing logistics, and you name it. Our dream of starting a brand was no longer just a dream. It was what fueled us and this is what keeps us moving. We also had to make sure that everything was ethically managed. We did door-to-door to 100’s of small vendors to big multi brand outlets to market our product and starting as an online web store www.neuronlifestyle.com as our passion and entrepreneurial experiment.

The USP of our brand

We believe that fashion can be made in an inexpensive way where creativity and quality is valued equally. We use high quality fabric. We spare no effort or expense at detailing and fine-tuning each garment. By selling directly to the consumer, online and offline retailers, we cut the huge share of middle men at three levels. And also it’s a huge profit of margin at every level. Secondly, as a startup we plan to survive, thus keeping a thin line to profit which cuts our cost to more than half the price.